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Jun 4, 2021 1 min read

Custom home page layouts

Custom home page layouts

Nikko comes with several custom home page layouts, changing the default layout can be done quite easily, following the documentation.

Nikko comes with the following home page layouts:

Home alternative 1:

  • home page with hero CTA for subscription
  • hero CTA with full background and message in overlay (image is the site cover image)
  • a two column layout formed by posts and sidebar
  • a list of authors and tags
  • file: index.hbs

Home alternative 2:

  • Personal profile style
  • hero CTA for subscription
  • content from custom page (using internal tag #profile) with custom elements
  • a list of tags
  • file: index2.hbs

Home alternative 3:

  • home page with featured posts slider section
  • a 3 column post-card layout
  • a list of authors and tags
  • file: index3.hbs

Home alternative 4:

  • home page with a newsletter overlay (which appears only for non-subscribers and when closed it will not appear anymore for users)
  • featured posts slider section
  • a simple one column layout formed by posts
  • a list tags
  • file: index4.hbs

Additionally you can further customize the layouts editing the templates. You can also combine the different parts you like from these templates.

Jason Biron
Jason Biron
Typical travel lover. Web aficionado. Subtly charming social media geek. Beer specialist. Entrepreneur. Lifelong tvaholic. Reader.
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